Monday, January 24, 2011

Seriously Girl Scouts of America?

Now don't take this the wrong way. Even though I am 45 years old, I am a Girl Scout. Once a Girl Scout, always a Girl Scout. I did the whole nine yards in my GS years.  I sold cookies, I wrapped gifts at Christmas, I helped build our tissue paper float, and even rode on the float in the Pride Week Parade.  I painted trash cans to beautify the City, and was in the local paper getting an award.  I even still have my sash with all my badges.

That's me with the great knee high socks!

I attribute the Girl Scouts impart, for making me the strong woman I am today. So, what is my beef you ask?  It is a local commercial for the upcoming cookie drive. It goes something like this:

Several little Girl Scouts getting their check list all ready to sell. They have the cookies, they have the confidence and then, one girl tells the others, "And don't forget your secret weapon", as one little girl bats her eyes. Then the comment is made, "She's gonna sell a lot of cookies"!

Seriously Girl Scouts? Is that REALLY what we want to be teaching our young ladies?  Just bat your eyes and you will persuade people to buy what you are offering. That we need to use our "feminine wiles" to get what we want. I mean seriously? Women have worked to achieve quality for so long, and are STILL working for it, and it one "innocent" commercial the Girl Scouts have just set the women's movement back a few thousand years.

Isn't the real message we should be giving our girls it to, go out, work hard, offer good customer service To be proud and be confident?  Shouldn't we be telling them that, you may be cute, but you can't just bat your eyes are get people to do what you want if you want to be respected when you grow up?

Now, some may be saying, take it easy lady it is only a commercial. They are just little girls, no big deal. But as a sash owning, grown-up Girl Scout, I beg to differ. There is power in advertising. If there wasn't, it would not be a billion dollar industry. If we advertise to our little girl's to bat your eyes and get what you want, we are doing them a HUGE disservice. Because as everyone woman knows, those pretty young eyes only last so long. After that, you better know how to use your brain and your words to succeed!

And of course if you disagree with me, I will just bat my eyes and I am sure you will come around!

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