Wednesday, January 5, 2011

12 Years Come and Gone...

Well, 12 years ago today, I married my Best Friend!  Of course since it took him a while to realize that I was "the one" we dated for 8 years. So actually I am thinking I should get credit for 20 years!  Looking back, I wonder where those years went. I seems like yesterday, I saw this tall, dark, handsome man, and said, "That is the man I am going to marry". No kidding, the first time I saw him from across the room, that was it.

Waiting until 33 to get married for the first time, and marrying some 15 years older, who also was getting married for the first time, certainly had it's challenges at times!   I think we were both a little set in our way. Just a little... But looking back, I wouldn't change a thing.

I married the strong silent type, which I now realize is a good thing, since I am NOT so silent most of the time.  He is a wonderful father to our 3 furry children. He understands when I have to pick up every stray I see, and muddy or not, put them in his classic car and take them home. He has stood by me though life changing surgeries.   He has provided me a place where I feel comfortable and safe.  He has been my Best Friend.

At times I feel bad, that we didn't "grow up" together.  We didn't do the first house, first baby, first career, and all the other firsts that people have when they marry young.  But I stop feeling bad, when I realize that even though we didn't grow up together,  we will still get to grow old together.  And what could be better than that?

                                               Happy Anniversary, to my Best Friend! 


  1. Happy 12th (20th) Anniversary to Both of You! I'm happy to know that "Love at First Sight" still happens. Many More Years to you both...

  2. Awww - what a sweet post!! It's so nice to still be in love with your hubby after all those years! Many more to you - G