Sunday, June 19, 2011

And then there were none...

Today my last two babies left the nest.

Again, I was lucky enough to be watching just as the middle child left the nest early this morning. I was a proud Mom, but also worred that he will be able to make it in this big cruel World.

So that left my youngest.

He was a little smaller and took a little more coaxing. Mom stopped by once, but I think she was ready for him to take flight. He finally made his leap into the big World later today. I am so sad, that I did not get to see him go. I still see Mom around, so I think all my kids are still close. But like all children, they must grow up and go make a life of there own. I am sure going to miss them...

My First to Leave Home

Well,the last couple of days have been very sad for me. One at a time I watched all my kids leave home. The photos I took on Thurdsay, I was lucky enough to get all three of them.
Right after I took this, my first brave baby spead his wings and flew away. And he did it while I was watching just a foot away. I was SO proud He made is safely to the ground with his other Mother close by.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Growing Up

Well, my babies seem to be doing great. Growing bigger and stronger everyday. Mrs. Robin has been such a good little Mother. So attentive to their every need.

I was finally able to get a photo of all three together. I mean it just does not get much cuter than this!

Monday, June 13, 2011

The Wonders of Nature

It has been a while my last post. Since then, I have gotten my braces off after 18 months, and when you are 45 that feels like five years! And I have had a new family.

Now I am not sure WHY the new momma decided to build her nest, by the busiest door in the house, with the 3 dogs and all, but she did. I was just in awe, when I snuck out one day reached my camera phone up to snap a pic, not even knowing what was in the nest. I was like a proud Mother when I saw this

I have watched in amazement as Momma sits, so patiently on her eggs.

She has weathered 100 degree temperatures in June, a wind and rain storm that would have knocked her and her babies out of a tree, and three dogs, that pass by her nest ten times a day.

Like children, they are growing up faster than I am ready for. I can see this little wonder unfold everyday right out the window by my computer. I am not ready to see them go. And I am going to be a nervous wreck until they do! They are growing so fast. Stay tuned as I watch them leave the nest...