Monday, June 13, 2011

The Wonders of Nature

It has been a while my last post. Since then, I have gotten my braces off after 18 months, and when you are 45 that feels like five years! And I have had a new family.

Now I am not sure WHY the new momma decided to build her nest, by the busiest door in the house, with the 3 dogs and all, but she did. I was just in awe, when I snuck out one day reached my camera phone up to snap a pic, not even knowing what was in the nest. I was like a proud Mother when I saw this

I have watched in amazement as Momma sits, so patiently on her eggs.

She has weathered 100 degree temperatures in June, a wind and rain storm that would have knocked her and her babies out of a tree, and three dogs, that pass by her nest ten times a day.

Like children, they are growing up faster than I am ready for. I can see this little wonder unfold everyday right out the window by my computer. I am not ready to see them go. And I am going to be a nervous wreck until they do! They are growing so fast. Stay tuned as I watch them leave the nest...

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