Monday, September 10, 2012

Art & Soul Retreat 2012

Well with Summer coming to a close I thought I would post and share my vacation photos! Really it was more work than vacation. It had been on my list to attend an art retreat. So in June I left the Husband behind and hit the road for Las Vegas! Actually Henderson at Green Valley Ranch Resort and Casino

I had five FUll days workshops. And I mean FULL! My goal was to take a finished project from each class. I worked through lunch every day to achieve this goal. The first little project after check-in was to decorate your badge. My first finished project!

My first class was Soldering for Virgins.
I will say it took me a while to get the hang of it. But it has opened up a whole new World of things I can do with my work. The next two days were also spent soldering.
Now THIS is a belt buckle!

And my favorite soldering project of all, my Jumpin Jill doll.

We created an original collage that we then set under glass to create her body. So cute with her little arms and legs will jump up and down!

After soldering for 3 days I was ready for a break! The next class was just fun. I got to sit with my Art Sister, Jana. A very talented artist and teacher herself.

Creating a collage using fluid acrylics, water soluable crayons and whatever else hit me. Then is was all covered in beeswax. I love to paint and collage, so this was just relaxing. Not sure if I will ever use the wax technique, but it is good to know.

My final and favorite class was enameling. My Teacher Jean was AMAZING! And it was just myself and Jana so it was like getting one on one attention.

I heard that this is an art that takes 5 minutes to learn and a lifetime to perfect. And how true that is!

This was a fun learing experience. But I will say I exhausting! My final day I did a little shopping at the shops steps away from the hotel. And finally spent a few hours poolside.

The best $15 margarita I ever had!

I did have one last surpise project waiting for me that I was prepared for. On my way to the airport I met this lovely young girl carrying a HUGE vase of roses. Her boyfriend had set her them at the hotel. Well, she wanted to take them home. Knowing there is no way you can get a vase full of water and flowers through TSA, I put on my thinking cap. With all my supplies I just a piece of canvas, we put wet paper towels around the stems,and I secrued it all with twine.

She looked like Miss America walking to her gate! All's well that ends well. Including Summer vacations...

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